Rebreather Clean

We love diving and its all about keeping you diving clean! and not from an OCD perspective either!

I have been diving since 2004 and first learnt to dive in the Maldives on my honeymoon, the good news is my wife was also up to the challenge, as I am pretty sure I would have lost most, if not all brownie points that I had earned, and most like still be DIY-ing my way back to where I started from some 10 years on had I gone it alone!!

After passing the PADI Open Water (OW) in July 2004 we both moved on to Cyprus on an 18-30s holiday in the September of the same year, which was a laugh. Largely because we were the only married couple!  We both wanted to do our Advanced Open Water (AOW) and to be honest we had more fun with the dive shop owners than the ravers of Ayia Napa. After a great holiday we decided to set up our own business  which kept us very occupied for 2 years which meant that diving had become a back bench past time (NNNOOOO I hear you cry). It wasn’t until a good friend of mine had done his OW and found a local club in Cwmbran were we able to get back into the sport that had some how got its grips into our adventure seeking nerve endings which to be perfectly honest no idea we had!

9 years latter the wife and I have a 4.7 year old and I am currently diving the excellent AP Diving inspiration XPD I did see that coming either… I have a total of 310 dives at time of writing (June 2015). So I thought I would put some of my experiences down on paper.. well electronic, html, internet web, sort of blog thing.

So why do I dive…

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